Financial access for everyone

Using technology to reach the unbanked

Our ambition is to open new touchpoints that enable financial access for a wider audience regardless of their credit history

According to Global Findex, only 31 percent of adults in Vietnam had access to an account at a formal financial institution in 2014. Though this number is growing per year, yet Vietnam still lags behind the regional average of around 69 percent and is home to an estimated 50 million adults who remain unbanked.

31% people

open bank accounts

50 millions

unbanked population

Many Vietnamese who are excluded from the formal financial sector do have active financial lives. For example, 39% of adults save; 65% send or receive remittances outside the formal system or pay school fees or utility bills in cash. Less than 20% of consumers have ever borrowed from a formal financial institute.

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As smartphone cover 84% of Vietnam’s population, telco data is a gold mine to help create the new gateway to reach the unbanked and underbanked. We work closely with Top 3 operators to collect and analyse data in order to map appropriate financial services for you with optimal offers that match your needs. 


Vietnam population are using a smartphone


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