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London, February 19th, 2019 – Mobile operators in emerging markets can now offer their subscribers uninterrupted and secure access to the internet, Upstream demonstrates at MWC Barcelona 2019.

Responding to the challenges in emerging markets, Upstream has launched and is showcasing in Barcelona two innovative products, connectivity gateway Zero-D and security platform Secure-D– that allow mobile operators to provide subscribers in emerging markets with uninterrupted and secure access to mobile internet.

oday, all modern companies use software to manage their accounting processes. By far the two most popular are Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and Xero. Both SaaS products are relatively inexpensive, support many third-party integrations and provide simple reporting. QuickBooks Online is the likely first choice for startups and is often praised for its ease of use. Xero gained traction among startups by being the first to market a cloud-hosted product. It is a common choice among founders who started a business outside of the U.S.