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Create and plan data driven strategies to bring the best out

of your business

Today, financial services are being changed by waves of technological innovation and digital transformation sweeping through industry that enable financial access for an extended population. Rate Plus offers comprehensive solutions to make your business stronger in a many of areas:




Our solutions bring you greater opportunity to cultivate new customer segments that are unavailable to reach before.

Rate Plus has vast expertise in managing and optimizing across various recruitment channels – both operators (SMS, USSD, SMS Flash, End of Call Notification, etc.) and other digital channels (Facebook, Google Display Network, Affliators, etc.)




In the era of digital transformation, the more complex customer journeys are, the stronger likelihood they are going to drop in the middle.

With our nation leading technology both in data and telecommunication such as Machine Learning, AI, Digital Onboarding, HTTP Header Enrichment, we make your customer experience seamless. Painful and lengthy paper process are now replaced by automation with high accuracy that leads to unparalleled satisfaction.




One of the most prominent challenge of a business is forecasting capability. Traditional indicators tend to tie with human element – emotions and hunches that can make or break a quarter.

With the aid of AI, forecasting is treated for what it really is – science. AI algorithm analyze and identify the patterns even with the most complex ones thereby constructing models for sales, revenue and churn predictions.




The beauty of using technology is that you can achieve greater results with less resource. Our solutions help making the lengthy, labour-intensive process of many aspect a whole lot quicker and easier. As a result, it offer you opportunity to gather resources for the area that automation is out of capacity.


All of the above are made possible through the extensive use of data. Rate Plus collects information from various sources of data from credit history, telco subscription to social media usage.

Our premium solutions include